Working Dog Training in Humboldt County, CA  (And Beyond)

Working & Sporting Dog Foundations

When it comes to foundational training an ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure! Momentum K9 offers a range of foundational training options tailored for your needs and the dog’s specific level in development.

From multi-week board and trains where the dog will receive focused individualized training, to remote support and coaching as you move through the foundational training process with your dog, our priority is ensuring you and your dog have the support, resources and skills needed to give you the momentum needed to reach your goals.

Training for Working & Sporting Dogs

With dogs, early training to teach desired behaviors, avoid the undesired, and bring out the dog’s best self is going to save time and stress for both you and the dog down the road. Momentum K9 specializes in the critical foundational training of puppies and young dogs with in-depth tailored board and train services. Or let Momentum K9 coach you through the steps to prepare yourself with the knowledge and skills to get you and your dog headed down the fulfilling path of effective training, success, and a great relationship all while having fun doing it!

At Momentum K9 we focus on play and communication.

You’ve probably noticed a K9 handler that makes it all look effortless, or that owner and their dog playing fetch or tug or frisbee in such sync that they don’t even notice the world around them. You’ve probably thought to yourself “Wow, I’d love to have a dog like that!” Well, we all learn so much better when we have fun and make a game about what we are learning, and this is all the truer for your dog. When we incorporate appropriate play that your dog enjoys, they will become ecstatic to participate in training and you will find it more enjoyable too! If you are looking to up your play skills to take you and your dog’s relationship and training to the next level, Momentum K9 is here to help coach you to your fullest potential!

Additionally, having the ability to clearly and effectively communicate with your dog is an amazing feeling. One of the best and most effective ways to achieve that level of communication is through the use of marker training. When you are both “speaking” the same language your bond strengthens and you build a better relationship and understanding with your dog. Let Momentum K9 coach you to effectively communicate with your dog so that you and your dog can live your best life together!

We specialize in the critical window of puppy development.

After good genetics, the first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life has the next overall greatest impact on their development and what type of dog they will be as an adult. So it is critical to take advantage of this small window of opportunity to have your puppy turn into a confident, resilient, adult dog who loves their job (whether that is a police K9, conservation detection K9, hunting dog, sport dog or active pet). We will work on and teach you and your puppy things like:

Conditioning markers for reinforcement and clear communication

Positive conditioning to various loud noises (vacuum cleaner, blender, gun fire, etc.)

Crate/kennel training in various environments

Introduction to loose leash walking on a flat collar (other equipment at owner’s request)

Grooming/body handling (nails, ears, eye check, teeth check, etc.)

Happy practice vet visits

Positive environmental exposure to various people, other dogs, and livestock

Visiting various dog friendly businesses and locations

Strong recall!

Functional obedience

Walking/playing on various surfaces

Body and hind limb awareness (critical for working dogs)

Appropriate toy play skills

If you plan to do specific dog sports or your puppy is a working dog prospect, we can specifically tailor skills and training to meet the goals you have for your puppy.

Working with Momentum K9

How it Works

Momentum K9 offers various foundational training options to meet your needs and goals including private training, in-person and/or virtual one-on-one coaching and mentoring, and board and train packages.

If you are motivated to do as much of the training yourself we offer in-person and remote coaching packages. In-person services can be held at a variety of local sites, as well as your location if suitable. Remote support can include both live video call sessions and video review of your training sessions with personalized feedback, all tailored to a level and frequency to fit your needs.

Momentum K9 only has a limited number of board and train spots available because we believe in quality over quantity. We only have a small number of dogs on site for training at a time to ensure high quality individualized training for your dog while they are with us. We also believe that you should be your dog’s best trainer, so our board and train packages require weekly video call sessions to walk you through the what, how, and why, in addition to an in depth in-person session at the end of your dog’s stay. This gives you the knowledge and understanding needed to keep the momentum going.

What our clients say…

Lauren gave a scent detection seminar at our Schutzhund club. We had handlers with a range of experience from novice to intermediate level. Lauren presented each topic systematically and tied the working sessions together so we could apply what we were learning to the dogs. Her professional experience and guidance helped us all make leaps of progress in training our dogs to use their noses, develop their drive and confidence in searching, and train a stable, reliable indication. I highly recommend attending her seminar!”

— Becca McCoy, Summit Kennels

I met Lauren in 2019 when she assisted with our police K9 academy. I now run the program and was looking for new dogs and Lauren had a malinois puppy. Lauren recognized this puppy’s raw talent for police work. I have been building on what Lauren started and am thrilled with how the puppy is coming along. Lauren puts amazing foundations on puppies and when I am looking for a floppy eared detection dog Lauren is my first call. She has a great eye for natural abilities in dogs!”

— Casey T., K9 Unit Supervisor

Lauren has a way of clearly communicating with dogs that creates a beautiful bond and enthusiastic engagement with the dog. She is patient, consistent and understands what the dog in front of her needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer, from detection to reactivity to obedience, she is truly great at what she does!”

— Ellie Warga