Working Dog Training in Humboldt County, CA (And Beyond)

Working Dog Evaluations

Selecting the right working or sporting dog is critical to your success. Drive, temperament, stability and love for the work are a must. Let Momentum K9 help you with a proper evaluation, whether puppy, adolescent or adult dog!

Evaulating & Choosing a Working or Sporting Dog

Selecting the best working dog for your program is imperative for your success. Knowing what traits and characteristics to look for in a dog and how to test them is a balance between science, art and that gut feeling that is only developed after evaluating hundreds of dogs for a variety of working and sporting roles. Momentum K9 has an evaluation that puts the dog through proper tests to determine level of drive, what motivates the dog, how the dog handles environmental stressors, its sociability, boldness, grit, tenacity and more.

This evaluation will give you or your program the best opportunity to determine if the dog will be a match for your needs. If you are purchasing a dog through a vendor please recognize they are selling a product and will have a bias, thus it is in your best interest to have an experienced and neutral third party give you an honest evaluation. Additionally, we have extensive experience evaluating dogs that are in shelters or rescues.

Ending up with a dog that does not have the necessary drive, traits and characteristics can cost you and your program both time and money that you likely don’t have. So take the extra step and let Momentum K9 assist with your working or sporting dog evaluation.

Looking for a working dog?
We occasionally have started or fully trained dogs available. Learn more here.

Working with Momentum K9

How it Works

Momentum K9 is able to assist you from contacting breeders, vendors or private parties and inquiring about dogs, all the way through in-person evaluation of dogs.

We also work with a number of shelters and rescues and have successfully found, trained and placed these dogs in working and sporting roles. We understand that your program has specific needs and we can work with you to create a tailored service to find you the right dog.

Contact us to see how we can work together to find your new K9 partner.

What our clients say…

I met Lauren in 2019 when she assisted with our police K9 academy. I now run the program and was looking for new dogs and Lauren had a malinois puppy. Lauren recognized this puppy’s raw talent for police work. I have been building on what Lauren started and am thrilled with how the puppy is coming along. Lauren puts amazing foundations on puppies and when I am looking for a floppy eared detection dog Lauren is my first call. She has a great eye for natural abilities in dogs!”

— Casey T., K9 Unit Supervisor

“I initially had challenges on how to understand and interpret many things in the K9 world, but after being coached by Lauren I have a much better understanding, increased confidence in my abilities, and can make prompt decisions. Additionally I have grown and advanced my skills, not just as a K9 handler but as a trainer and beyond!”

— Sydney N., Anti-poaching K9 Unit, Zambia

Lauren understands dogs in a way that is inspiring and rare. The dogs she works with come out with quick responsiveness to the handler and an intense joy of the game of training. I would trust her with any of my dogs for any reason. “

— Tori Probe, CPDT-KA