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Program Consultations

Whether you’re looking to start a K9 program, or your program just recognizes that we can always improve — Momentum K9 has the experience and expertise to help you. We can assist in every aspect of the process to build and/or refine a natural resource law enforcement or conservation K9 program, with a focus on the development of the K9s and human team members and a passion for making a meaningful impact in conservation.

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Need help with your K9 program?

Since 2016 Lauren has been navigating the world of K9s being used in natural resource law enforcement and conservation, so she understands being a professional canine handler, trainer, coach and program manager has its inherent challenges. She went from someone who saw a critical need for a K9, started a program, became a handler, then moved from handler to trainer, co-founded the Conservation Canine Officers Association, worked for a conservation dog non-profit and became a project manager, developing and overseeing domestic and international programs, then started Momentum K9.

Lauren has firsthand experience starting a detection dog program for a state fish and wildlife agency from the ground up. She’s done everything from research to proposals, to policies and SOPs, to finding and selecting the K9, to sourcing the training, to navigating certifications (which didn’t exist at the time for her discipline), she pushed her way through it all. In short, Lauren can likely relate to your challenges and can help. From consulting on starting a program, to auditing a current program to identify strengths and performance gaps, to sourcing and training dogs, to assisting with handler selection and training, to giving seminars and workshops, her expertise is certain to be valuable.

Working with Momentum K9

How it Works

Lauren understands that no two challenges are the same and each takes creative problem solving and innovation to get your program to the next level.

Please contact us below to provide details about you and your program’s needs and we will be in touch to see how we can work together!

What our clients say…

I initially had challenges on how to understand and interpret many things in the K9 world, but after being coached by Lauren I have a much better understanding, increased confidence in my abilities, and can make prompt decisions.

Additionally I have grown and advanced my skills, not just as a K9 handler but as a trainer and beyond!”

— Sydney N., Anti-poaching K9 Unit, Zambia

Lauren is the most committed, step-by-step, cut-no-corners trainer that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

She whole-heartedly commits to the dog, team, and process that’s needed to achieve their greatest potential. If Lauren vouches for a dog, handler, or team, I believe her.

If you or your dog want strong fundamental skills and a clear path forward, Lauren’s got you. “

— Aimee Hurt, Co-founder
Working Dogs for Conservation

I’ve known Lauren since 2019 and she has been an excellent mentor and friend throughout that time. She combines excellent K9 training, critical thinking skills, field preparedness, and a congenial attitude. When my company needed a subcontractor for a very challenging project we knew we wanted Lauren for the job. She and her two detection dogs were exquisitely prepared, handling tough conditions on the ground with grace and professionalism. Her ability to adapt to conditions on the ground, use her training when things went sideways, and collaborate with our project partners truly made the project function.”

— Kayla Fratt, Co-Founder of K9 Conservationists