Working Dog Training in Humboldt County, CA

Private Training

If you are a dog owner who may be struggling with your canine companion and are motivated to strengthen the relationship with your dog, but need some coaching and guidance… you are in the right place!

Private Training Options in Humboldt County, CA

Looking for 1 on 1 or small group training in Humboldt County? Have a sport dog that needs some fine tuning? Or you need a bit of help getting to that next level as an owner/handler? You recognize that your dog is struggling but aren’t yet sure how to help them? Take a step in the right direction by contacting Momentum K9 to discuss how we can make your and your dog’s lives better by having a highly qualified trainer and coach to give you the momentum you need.

Scent work, gun dogs, agility, obedience and more, Momentum K9 loves to work with owners who work with their dogs towards a goal. Our approach is making life just one big game! Wouldn’t that be nice. But actually, think how much less stressed you are and how much more vested in the process you are if things are fun and in the context of a game! We know that life isn’t always fun and games but guess what, our dogs don’t have to know that!

This will lead to a dog that looks forward to interacting and training (AKA playing a game) with you! It will also lead to a much stronger and more productive relationship between you and your dog, and you will have a dog who is confident and optimistic about the world around them. Let Momentum K9 help coach you and your dog to train in a way that will lead to more productive outcomes.

Working with Momentum K9

How it Works

Momentum K9 offers various training options to meet your needs and goals including private training, in-person and/or virtual one-on-one coaching and small group seminars and workshops.

If you are motivated to do as much of the training yourself we offer in-person and remote coaching packages. In-person services can be held at a variety of local sites, as well as your location if suitable. Remote support can include both live video call sessions and video review of your training sessions with personalized feedback, all tailored to a level and frequency to fit your needs.

We understand that you and your dog are a unique combination and deserve a tailored approach to get you to the next level. Please use the contact form to provide details about you and your dog and we will be in touch to see how we can work together!

What our clients say…

Lauren understands dogs in a way that is inspiring and rare. The dogs she works with come out with quick responsiveness to the handler and an intense joy of the game of training. I would trust her with any of my dogs for any reason.”

— Tori Probe, CPDT-KA

Lauren has a way of clearly communicating with dogs that creates a beautiful bond and enthusiastic engagement with the dog. She is patient, consistent and understands what the dog in front of her needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer, from detection to reactivity to obedience, she is truly great at what she does!”

— Ellie Warga

Lauren gave a scent detection seminar at our Schutzhund club. We had handlers with a range of experience from novice to intermediate level. Lauren presented each topic systematically and tied the working sessions together so we could apply what we were learning to the dogs. Her professional experience and guidance helped us all make leaps of progress in training our dogs to use their noses, develop their drive and confidence in searching, and train a stable, reliable indication. I highly recommend attending her seminar!”

— Becca McCoy, Summit Kennels