Working Dog Training in Humboldt County, CA (And Beyond)

Law Enforcement & Conservation Dog Training

Conservation and natural resource law enforcement programs need all the help they can get! A highly skilled handler and well trained dog is a force multiplier in conservation law enforcement. Having operational experience in just about every facet of conservation law enforcement K9 use and development, Momentum K9 can ensure you and your K9 partner make an impact for conservation.

Building Reliable Law Enforcement & Conservation K9 Teams

The world of conservation, and specifically conservation and natural resource law enforcement and the use of dogs to enhance efforts, is a very specific niche within the working dog world. When you have a very specific and specialized job, that means you need very specific and specialized training. The success of the dogs and handlers that work in these roles hinge on high quality training.

With 7+ years of direct experience with training conservation detection and natural resource law enforcement K9’s, we are experienced in the type of training it takes to be operationally successful.

We have trained dogs on 20+ different target odors, including ivory, rhino horn, weapons, invasive plants and many things in between, and we offer training in detection of various different targets.

We also offer training in tracking/trailing of humans for conservation law enforcement and anti-poaching programs. Having experience working both domestically and in Africa with these types of teams, Momentum K9 has the experience and understanding of the importance of the very high level of training it takes to be successful in the field.

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Working with Momentum K9

How it Works

Knowing that each program is unique, our services for law enforcement and conservation dog training are completely tailored to the individual or the program. We are able to travel to you for various lengths of time to conduct training in person and can also offer ongoing remote support. We also offer multi-day workshops on specific training topics for your K9 team.

This type of training includes both the dog and the handler on all aspects of detection and tracking/trailing work, including how your dog learns, environmental factors’ influence on the dog and the odor, handling and storage of training aids, proper training set up and progression, keeping proper training records and more.

What our clients say…

I met Lauren in 2019 when she assisted with our police K9 academy. I now run the program and was looking for new dogs and Lauren had a malinois puppy. Lauren recognized this puppy’s raw talent for police work. I have been building on what Lauren started and am thrilled with how the puppy is coming along. Lauren puts amazing foundations on puppies and when I am looking for a floppy eared detection dog Lauren is my first call. She has a great eye for natural abilities in dogs!”

— Casey T., K9 Unit Supervisor

I initially had challenges on how to understand and interpret many things in the K9 world, but after being coached by Lauren I have a much better understanding, increased confidence in my abilities, and can make prompt decisions. Additionally I have grown and advanced my skills, not just as a K9 handler but as a trainer and beyond!”

— Sydney N., Anti-poaching K9 Unit, Zambia

I’ve known Lauren since 2019 and she has been an excellent mentor and friend throughout that time. She combines excellent K9 training, critical thinking skills, field preparedness, and a congenial attitude. When my company needed a subcontractor for a very challenging project we knew we wanted Lauren for the job. She and her two detection dogs were exquisitely prepared, handling tough conditions on the ground with grace and professionalism. Her ability to adapt to conditions on the ground, use her training when things went sideways, and collaborate with our project partners truly made the project function.”

— Kayla Fratt, Co-Founder of K9 Conservationists