Articles on the training and raising of working and sporting breed dogs.

The short answer…YES! But you probably already knew that (I hope). So how? This is the point where some handlers and trainers get stuck. Well, can you change your behavior? We are trying to change or alter our dog’s behavior all the time. So…how can you improve as a handler or trainer? Change your behavior! […]

Most people love the cuteness of a new puppy and are enamored with their antics. As a new puppy owner you have big hopes and dreams of the amazing dog your puppy will turn into. And you are determined to do your best! Typically between 8 and 24 weeks things with your puppy go great… […]

You probably think that training only happens during a “training” session… And while you are not necessarily wrong, training is actually happening anytime you are interacting with your dog! Your dog is constantly getting signals and information from you that are reinforcing behaviors or punishing behaviors.  A critical mental shift that you need (if you […]

I know, I know…You want to get to the high-speed, low drag cool stuff with your new dog but please hear me out! Start by building relationship and trust FIRST! How does the dog feel about you emotionally? Are they interested in doing things WITH you? Are they generally optimistic about the world? If things […]