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Available Dogs

Momentum K9 often raises and trains dogs, from puppies, to fill working roles. We select puppies from reputable breeders, with proven working lines, and then raise them to be confident, bold, resilient and versatile.

Currently available

Available Dogs

Please contact us to inquire about available dogs. Additionally we are often able to assist programs or handlers with finding a puppy or young dog and starting the foundational training needed to fit your program.


Wren is a black Labrador retriever bred by Folklore Canine in Alabama, born in February 2024. She is from proven field trial and search and rescue lines. The dam, Folklore’s Goddess of the Hunt SH CGC TKN, has produced 3 litters, with almost all the puppies going into working detection roles, or field trial/hunt test homes.

Wren is bold, confident and exceptionally environmentally sound. She should turn into a very nice SAR, detection or tracking/trailing K9. Lauren also raised and trained her half brother (same dam) who is currently working with an anti-poaching unit in Zambia.

If you are interested in Wren for your program or for more details please contact us.

Check out training and working videos of Wren on her YouTube Playlist.

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Placed Dogs

Please contact us to learn more about any dogs you may be interested in.

Birdy | Belgian Malinois

Birdy found herself in a local shelter at about 8 weeks old. Thankfully the shelter recognized her breed and working potential. Knowing that her best opportunity to live a fulfilling life would be to place her with someone who had breed and working dog experience, the shelter called Lauren.

Lauren immediately saw the confidence and working ability in the little puppy and spent 3 months working on building her drive and confidence even more. Birdy was started in tracking and detection fundamentals and developed solid toy play skills. Lauren was able to place Birdy with a Fish and WIldlife K9 handler who was looking for their next dual purpose patrol dog and Birdy was a great candidate!

Check out training and working videos of Birdy on her YouTube Playlist.

Ody | Black Labrador

Ody was raised from a puppy, by Lauren, for a specific anti-poaching program in Zambia. Ody was from Folklore Canine in Alabama who breeds very talented working labradors.

Ody is the most well rounded and balanced working labrador Lauren has ever had the pleasure of training. A balance of strong drive and resilience but easy to handle and doesn’t easily frustrate. Ody is trained to detect numerous endangered and illegal wildlife products.

Cassi | Black Labrador

Cassi was acquired at 14 months old for an anti-poaching unit in Africa and Lauren finished her tracking/ trailing training and started her in detection of illegal and endangered wildlife products. When Cassi arrived in Zambia she passed her certification track on her first day in the bush!

Cassi will work anywhere as if it was her hundredth time being there, her confidence and resilience are top notch.

Exo | Working Cocker Spaniel

Exo found himself passed around a few times but one thing was clear — he NEEDED a job! From being deemed not able to have a passive indication and then being too small for disaster search and rescue, he ended up with Lauren.

Lauren trained both Exo and his handler. Exo is now trained on numerous wildlife products that are often illegally trafficked and in protecting natural resources in Washington State (with a nice passive indication).

Gene | Chocolate Labrador

Lauren was looking for a labrador for an anti-poaching unit in Africa and through various connections Lauren got in touch with a trainer who had Gene from a puppy.

His original purpose was for service or assistance dog work but he proved to have far too much drive and energy for that. After a thorough evaluation Lauren started the training process with Gene at approximately 8 months old. Gene is currently an operational anti-poaching detection and tracking/trailing dog in Zambia.

Jack | Black Labrador

Jack was rescued from a shelter in Utah after Lauren conducted an evaluation and quickly saw his working potential. Jack was started in training for tracking and detection and after a couple of months evolved into an absolute machine.

Jack ended up being one of those dogs that is not for a first time handler, so it didn’t work out for his original placement. Luckily Lauren was able to find a very experienced wilderness SAR handler looking for a dog like Jack.

Harley | Black Labrador

Harley was acquired by a colleague and then passed to Lauren to train for anti-poaching work. Harley was about 6 months old and was the most environmentally sound dog Lauren had worked with to date. Nothing phased her and she took everything in stride.

But after a few months it was obvious that Harley did not have an intense enough hunt drive and strong enough work ethic to make a detection dog. Lauren recognized her qualities as a potential service or therapy dog. Lauren contacted an organization that trains dogs for military veterans and Harley breezed through that training and was placed with a veteran.

What our clients say…

I met Lauren in 2019 when she assisted with our police K9 academy. I now run the program and was looking for new dogs and Lauren had a malinois puppy. Lauren recognized this puppy’s raw talent for police work. I have been building on what Lauren started and am thrilled with how the puppy is coming along. Lauren puts amazing foundations on puppies and when I am looking for a floppy eared detection dog Lauren is my first call. She has a great eye for natural abilities in dogs!”

— Casey T., K9 Unit Supervisor

Lauren understands dogs in a way that is inspiring and rare. The dogs she works with come out with quick responsiveness to the handler and an intense joy of the game of training. I would trust her with any of my dogs for any reason.”

— Tori Probe, CPDT-KA

I initially had challenges on how to understand and interpret many things in the K9 world, but after being coached by Lauren I have a much better understanding, increased confidence in my abilities, and can make prompt decisions. Additionally I have grown and advanced my skills, not just as a K9 handler but as a trainer and beyond!”

— Sydney N., Anti-poaching K9 Unit, Zambia