Dog Training in Humboldt County, CA  (And Beyond)

Working, sporting and active pet dogs

Detection, scent work, tracking, bird dogs, and more all require a high level of training to achieve your goals. From puppies to adult dogs and foundations to advanced training concepts, let Momentum K9 ensure you are on the right path with your dog.

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Working Dog Evaluations

Selecting the right working or sporting dog is critical to your success. Drive, temperament, stability and love for the work are a must.

Let Momentum K9 help you with a proper evaluation, whether puppy, adolescent or adult!

Working Dog &
Sporting Dog Foundations

A well laid foundation is crucial for a high performing and reliable working or sporting dog. Creating a motivated K9, generalizing behaviors and tasks in all environments, with clear communication when it counts most, it all starts with the foundations. And there is no better time than to start with your puppy!

Law Enforcement &
Conservation Dog Training

Specializing in detection and tracking/trailing, the small details matter when it comes to a well trained and highly functioning K9. From training the basics to problem solving, let Momentum K9 help you make sure you have the highest performing K9 possible on the street or in the woods.

Program Consultations

Whether you are just starting a K9 program or manage an existing program, it is critical to have all the right pieces in all the right places.

With the experience of doing both, let Momentum K9 help ensure you run a top notch K9 program.

Looking for a working dog?
We occasionally have started or fully trained dogs available. Learn more here.

Experienced working dog trainer

About Lauren Wendt

Lauren has been involved with sporting and working dogs for nearly 20 years, training and hunting with retrievers, disaster search and rescue, agility, conservation detection, tracking and trailing, anti-poaching, a Law Enforcement K9 handler, and more. Plus, Lauren has experience managing K9 programs and starting programs from the ground up.

She specializes in highly motivated working and sporting dogs, channeling their drive and using their natural abilities, training them to perform complex tasks with enthusiasm and joy.

But a great dog can only reach its peak with a motivated and skilled handler or owner. Lauren loves working with dedicated handlers and owners to bring out the ultimate potential in the human-dog team for the pursuits you are working towards. Lauren believes a solid relationship and clear communication between you and your dog is paramount to gaining momentum and reaching your goals.

What our clients say…

I initially had challenges on how to understand and interpret many things in the K9 world, but after being coached by Lauren I have a much better understanding, increased confidence in my abilities, and can make prompt decisions. Additionally I have grown and advanced my skills, not just as a K9 handler but as a trainer and beyond!”

— Sydney N., Anti-poaching K9 Unit, Zambia

Lauren understands dogs in a way that is inspiring and rare. The dogs she works with come out with quick responsiveness to the handler and an intense joy of the game of training. I would trust her with any of my dogs for any reason.”

— Tori Probe, CPDT-KA

Lauren has a way of clearly communicating with dogs that creates a beautiful bond and enthusiastic engagement with the dog. She is patient, consistent and understands what the dog in front of her needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer, from detection to reactivity to obedience, she is truly great at what she does!”

— Ellie Warga